This is SOMSAJANG: SOM means “Cotton” and SAJANG means “CEO/President”. SOM makes us soft, gently smooth, pure and warm.

SOMSAJANG has been created as a nickname of Jerry Kim who is CEO/Owner of TexKor Corporation. SOMSAJANG has developed 38 different machines for the production of wide range of cotton products and also produced some finished products of absorbent cotton products by his own machines for domestic market in Korea. It is not common that the manufacturer of machinery could produce finished products. However, it enables to manufacture better machines since we make the machine and make the products both. Furthermore, SOMSAJANG is ready to develop the new production based on the abundant experience and technology in this field. So, this is the main reason that the cosmetic wet pads in sachet packaging can be developed.

Still so far, we can find the products of cleansing, toner, peeling pads in plastic jar/canister easily. However, they are all using thin and small nonwoven and the packaging would not consider hygienic usage. So, SOMSAJANG started to develop the cosmetic wet pads in sachet packaging in 2015.

Normally, other producers of cosmetic products would start to develop the products first but SOMSAJANG should start from the production line. Then, the first machines were completed in November 2019. While the automatic production line was bult, SOMSAJANG was preparing the clean room as GMP facility and acquired the certificate of ISO22716.

SOMSAJANG deeply thought about the fundamentals of cleansing pads as follows:

  1. Many people still felt sting when they used wet pads. Actually, it is natural because most of pads is made of rayon/polyester fibers which are man-made fibers.
  2. All the pads in jar/canister products are thin. SOMSAJANG does not use thin toilet paper any more in the toilet. THICK one must be the truth to wipe well.
  3. Absolutely, the pads for make-up mover must cleanse the make-up well. Is that all? We are living in the find particles/dust for the air-pollution. The pads must remove the ultrafine dust as well.
  4. Most of people say their skin felt tight after cleansing. It means hydrating should be needed after cleansing.
  5. Ingredients should be carefully selected for Clean beauty. Oil-Free formula helps nourish dry & sensitive skin.

From the deep thinking of the fundamentals of cleansing pads, SOMSAJANG Cleansing Pads – Moisture has been developed. In addition, SOMSAJANG was reborn by the character of


This is just the beginning as we evaluate how we can go further. SOMSAJANG will continue to develop thoughtful and ingredient-conscious skin care formular in the hygienic packaging. Do you have any feedback to share? Please feel free to add your ideas through this site. We will listen to your ideas/feedback and reflet into the new products. Your response and love can help SOMSAJANG make better products.